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Cyber Security

  • Provide Cyber Center of Excellence Design/Security/Implementations
  • Design Cyber Security Training Platforms
  • Provide Nuclear centric Cyber Security Policy SME support
  • Design Nuclear Cyber Security Systems,Communications Platform and EMC Control Planning
  • Intelligence and Electronic Surveillance SME Support
  • Cyber Security HIDS/NIDS Design, Analysis, Forensics & Integration
  • Reverse Engineering and Network Attack training & Analysis
  • Global Cyber & SCADA SME Engineering, Design and Analysis Support
  • Cyber Security Federal and Commercial policy, audit and mitigation planning SME Support/Design
  • Cyber Security Lab training and Development
  • Energy and Utilities environment Cyber SME Expertise
  • Malware and Exploitation Analysis Reverse Engineering Training and Design
  • Network Intrusion penetration testing and analysis training and support
  • Network Attack, Defense, and Exploitation Work-Shop Guidance and Support
  • Cyber Security Federal and Nuclear Policy, Audit and Quality Engineering Guidance and Design
  • Intrusion Alerting, Analysis and Mitigation Planning, Training and Guidance
  • Threat Intelligence Method Design and Implementation
  • Cloud/Virtual and COOP Planning Analysis and Design