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“DIEKO identified gaping holes in our network security that helped us to protect business critical applications. Now we can stay one step ahead...”
- Alfred Smith, CEO

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Guess Corporation

In my role as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) here at Guess, I was tasked with converting a legacy security infrastructure into a sound state of the art security practice. The project had a large impact on our business and many eyes were focused on the project; therefore, our organization and my IT team experienced a great amount of pressure to implement quickly and efficiently.

After reaching out to and meeting with the Dieko Corporate team, it was immediately evident to our technical security team that Dieko offered “second to none” expertise in the security space. Dieko quickly identified all insecure practices, system vulnerabilities and weakness throughout the entire infrastructure and performed a quick and efficient remediation. Dieko did this through a detailed methodology of security audits, network assessments, penetration testing and also various wireless security reviews. As a specialist in the area of IT security, I was greatly impressed with the level of technical capabilities held by the Dieko team.

Furthermore, Dieko exercised excellent communication and leadership skills while deploying a highly functional team that accomplished a tremendous amount of quality work in very short timelines. As this was a major responsibility in my role as the CIO, Dieko acted as a security mentor to me and my team. Their experience and expertise guided me to the successful completion of a very difficult task.

Dieko has the skill to “bridge the gap” between the technical and the functional which makes them an excellent facilitator between IT and the executive business team. Rarely does a firm possess this exceptional talent. Overall, Dieko was a tremendous contributor to the success of the Guess security practice and they did this with the highest level of honesty and integrity. The quality of Dieko’s work consistently exceeds expectations and I highly recommend Dieko or any resource they endorse.

Because of these important IT networking and security services offered by Dieko Corporation, we as a company know there will be an long on-going business relationship established with Dieko. We believe this working relationship will continue to add value to our networking environment for some time to come. If you have any questions regarding this letter, please contact me directly at the contact number or email address below. Thanks and take care.

Michael Relich
CIO, Guess